One Bowling Green, designed by architect Cass Gilbert with sculptures by sculptor Daniel Chester French. Currently, Smithsonian Museum Of The American Indian.

iSee is a travel, walking, watching, leisurely way to discover America via  landmarks!

iSee's ancient Amerindian hieroglyph (sacred symbol) popularly known as Eye, Eye See, Ojo Dios, God’s Eye, from the Arctic-Canada to Argentina-Chile, Inuit to Inca, Alaska to Argentina means all life amid the earth, moon, sun and stars - is seen as One. 

Long ago, US America founders chose the Eye of Providence symbolizing E Pluribus Unum, meaning Out Of Many, One.



iSee’s Indigenous Eye is based on designs by Algonkian-Lenape artist, Norma K. D. Moore, 1923-2012. She designed and created many woven “ eyes" known popularly as Ojo Dios or God’s Eye, a circle, sun, moon, star within Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

Grandma rock copy-2

Norma K. D. Moore at the Ice Age boulder in Fort Green Park in Brooklyn.

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